Church Leadership

Brodie Johnson


He and his faithful wife Sue have two children, a son, Stephen Johnson and a daughter, Sarah Shirley. Their son and daughter and their families are faithful servants of the Lord. They have four granddaughters and their oldest granddaughter has obeyed the gospel in baptism.

Brodie has been an elder for many years at the Mt. Zion church. He is an excellent teacher and Bible class teacher. He has been writing excellent Bible lessons for this webpage. (Check out his Bible lessons on Saved by Faith, But Not by Faith Only.) He is retired from the local paper mill and is happy he can serve the Lord with his time and ability.

Jason Carman


He and his faithful wife Stacy have two children; a daughter Tori who is a Christian, and a son Hayden.

He has preached, conducted devotional studies, and has taught in the Bible school program.  He is a teacher at the Adamsville High School.

Joe Dickey


He and his faithful wife Nina have two children who are Christians.

Joe presently teaches the Wednesday night Young Adult class.  He preaches God’s Word when he has the opportunity.  He is employed by AT&T.

Stephen Johnson


He and his faithful wife Roxann have one daughter, Emma.  He presently teaches the fourth through sixth grade class on Wednesday nights.

He preaches God’s word whenever he is asked to do so.  He has been the principal of an elementary school but now works with the Hardin County School System in an administrative position.

Chad Jones


He and his faithful wife Stephany have two children; a son, Stryder and a daughter, Mabry.

He presently teaches the teenage class on Wednesday nights.  He has preached and conducted devotional studies.  He works with his family owned business, Jones Motor Company.

Gilbert Gough


He and his faithful wife Sherri have two daughters Laura Fralix and Ashley Gilliland.  Both daughters are married to men who are Christians.  Gilbert and Sherri have one granddaughter and two grandsons.

Gilbert has been preaching for forty-two years.  He has been the preacher at Mt. Zion church for thirteen years.

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